Funky Republic Ti7000 ALL FLAVORS

With a nicotine level of 50mg, the Funky Republic Ti7000 delivers a satisfying nicotine hit, catering to vapers who prefer a stronger nicotine experience. The elevated nicotine level ensures a smooth throat hit, making it suitable for individuals seeking a satisfying vaping sensation.

Featuring a mesh coil, the Funky Republic Ti7000 ensures optimal flavor production and consistent vapor production. The mesh coil technology maximizes the e-liquid’s flavor profile, providing an enjoyable and flavorful vaping experience.

In summary, the Funky Republic Ti7000 – 7000 Puffs disposable vape pen offers an extended vaping session, a rechargeable battery, generous e-liquid capacity, elevated nicotine level, and a mesh coil for exceptional flavor and vapor production. Whether you’re a casual vaper or an enthusiast, this disposable vape pen combines convenience, performance, and satisfaction in a single device.

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