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the Guava Coconut Whiff Hero – 6000 puffs disposable vape is a tropical delight that combines the luscious flavor of guava with the creamy notes of coconut. This disposable vape pen offers a convenient and flavorful vaping experience, transporting you to a tropical paradise with every puff. Shop all Whiff Hero Flavors .

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The Whiff Hero – Guava Coconut 6000 puffs disposable vape offers a long-lasting vaping experience. Whether you’re a moderate vaper or enjoy extended sessions, this vape pen has you covered. You can indulge in the tropical fusion of guava and coconut for an extended period without worrying about running out of puffs.

Designed to be sleek and compact, the Whiff Hero is perfect for on-the-go vapers. It requires no maintenance or charging, making it a hassle-free option. Simply open the packaging, take a draw, and experience the tropical paradise that awaits.

In summary, the Whiff Hero – Guava Coconut disposable vape pen offers a tropical escape with its delightful blend of guava and coconut flavors. With its high salt nicotine content, extensive puff count, generous e-juice capacity, and user-friendly design, it provides vapers with a convenient and flavorful option for enjoying the tropical goodness of guava and coconut.

Device Details of Whiff Hero 6000:

  • Salt Nic: 50mg (5%)
  • Puffs: Almost 6000 +/-
  • E-juice : 13ml

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