ELF BAR ULTRA BC5000 – Dragon Fruit Banana Berry

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Dragon Fruit Banana Berry ELF BAR ULTRA BC5000 is a delightful and exotic vape experience that combines the succulent taste of dragon fruit, the creamy sweetness of banana, and the juicy burst of mixed berries. Shop all Elf Bar Ultra flavors

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The ELF BAR ULTRA BC5000 – Dragon Fruit Banana Berry by EBDesign vape is vibrant and slightly tangy, delivering a mouthwatering sensation that immediately captivates your senses. The dragon fruit provides a tropical twist to the overall flavor profile, adding an element of exotic allure.

As you exhale, the creamy and sweet notes of banana come into play, enhancing the overall richness of the flavor. The banana adds a smooth and velvety texture to the vape, creating a creamy backdrop for the fruit flavors. It adds depth and complexity to the blend, making each puff satisfying and indulgent.

The final layer of flavor comes from the mixed berries, which infuse the vape with a burst of juicy sweetness. The combination of strawberries, blueberries, and other mixed berries creates a medley of fruity flavors that complements the dragon fruit and banana perfectly. It adds a delightful tartness and freshness, completing the flavor profile with a delightful fruity finish.

In conclusion, the ELF BAR ULTRA BC5000 in Dragon Fruit Banana Berry flavor offers a tantalizing blend of tropical and fruity notes. With its large e-liquid capacity, mild nicotine strength, and substantial number of puffs, this disposable vape pen ensures a flavorful and long-lasting enjoyment for vapers seeking a unique and satisfying experience.

 Device Details ElfBar EBDesign Ultra BC5000

  • E-Liquid : 13ml
  • Strength of the Nicotine: 5 mg Nic
  • Puffs: Plus 5000 Puffs


1 review for ELF BAR ULTRA BC5000 – Dragon Fruit Banana Berry

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    long lasting device

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